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Red Bull

Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid 1980’s. He created the formula of Red Bull Energy Drink and developed the unique marketing concept of Red Bull. Today Red Bull is available in 171 countries and over 68 billion cans of Red Bull have been consumed so far. Visit Red Bull’s website >


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Food Spark
Daily inspiration & support for busy food professionals

Food Spark is a digital tool inspiring and supporting teams with their menu and product development across retail, foodservice and manufacturing. It distills the latest need-to-know information on the
art, business and science of food, with a dedicated focus on applications in UK markets:

  • Emerging ingredients and their practical applications
  • Rising global cuisines appealing to UK consumers
  • Interviews with innovators across the food industry
  • Exciting openings, on-trend menu concepts and retail launches
  • Evidenced trends, distinguishing fad from future
  • Consumer behaviour trends
  • Game-changing technology
  • Cost management & pricing forecasts
  • Guidelines, legislation and their implications
  • Key scientific developments
  • Nutritional expertise

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We speak to 40,000 shoppers face-to-face each year, working collaboratively with retailers and suppliers to grow sales and profitability. We speak to shoppers across key retail channels: Convenience (incl symbols, independents, supermarket Cs), Forecourts, Discounters, Small supermarkets, Food To Go outlets, Wholesale (cash & carry depots and delivered).

The wholesale customer is another key USP for HIM and the “out of home eating customer” as the industry and our clients focus their investment here.

We speak to retail & food service customers in both cash & carry and delivered routes to explain the customer performance in the UK wholesale market. We also speak to food on the move shoppers in coffee shops, cafes, sandwich bars. Visit HIM >