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The British Sandwich and Food To Go Association represents those businesses where sandwiches form a core part of the Food To Go offer.

Originally named the British Sandwich Association, our remit has grown over the years and we officially changed our name in 2015 to formally include the wider food to go market. For brevity, the BSA is still used as it has long since been a recognised shorthand for the Association.

We set technical standards, encourage innovation and excellence while providing a collective voice for all involved in the making, distribution and retailing of sandwiches, sushi, salads, baked goods and the full spectrum of food to go.

We speak to 40,000 shoppers face-to-face each year, working collaboratively with retailers and suppliers to grow sales and profitability. We speak to shoppers across 5 key retail channels: Convenience (incl symbols, independents, supermarket Cs) Forecourts Discounters Small supermarkets Food To Go outlets Wholesale (cash & carry depots and delivered)

The wholesale customer is another key USP for him! and the “out of home eating customer” as the industry and our clients focus their investment here.

We speak to retail & food service customers in both cash & carry and delivered routes to explain the customer performance in the UK wholesale market. We also speak to food on the move shoppers in coffee shops, cafes, sandwich bars. Visit HIM >

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Food Spark is the exciting new digital service, designed to inspire and inform innovation across the food industry.
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A direct response to research into the industry’s most pressing information needs, it will add value to anyone working within food development and innovation across retail, manufacturing and the broadest range of foodservice.

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Convenience Store is the leading website and magazine for owner-operators of convenience store businesses in the UK. Combining daily news, views and videos on our website with a fortnightly printed publication, our role is to keep our readers right up-to-date with imminent changes and the latest product trends in the fast-moving local convenience sector, as well as to help them with peer group advice and inspire them with a view of the most innovative and successful store development projects in the industry.
Convenience Store is also the lead title for the Convenience Retail Awards and Sales Assistant of the Year Awards, as well as the National Convenience Show. Visit Convenience Store >