Krister Kristiansen

Managing Director, Attensi UK & Global Sector Director for Retail

Speaking at the Food to go Conference 2018

AI and data-driven people development – the impact on revenues, engagement and customer experiences.

After graduating with a Masters in Business and Administration in 2006, Krister joined the Boston Consulting Group. Over the following six years Krister problem-solved across a range of industries with some of the largest brands in Scandinavia. In 2012, Krister was made Global Retail Sector Manager for BCG and one of his most distinguished contributions was the creation of a digital tool that allowed BCG to identify, track and leverage global expertise. After seven years with BCG, Krister joined Attensi in 2014 as a Partner and Director and is now the Managing Director for Attensi in the UK and their Global Sector Director for Retail.

Last updated Feb 2018