Glenn Edwards, Leon

Glenn Edwards

US managing director, LEON

Glenn will share the story of LEON’s expansion into the US, incorporating the differing trends in the US food to go market compared to the UK, what lessons Leon has learnt so far, and future plans for growth.

As the managing director of LEON US, Glenn has led the launch of LEON in the States. His passion and experience lie in helping great brands reach their potential. Before joining LEON, Glenn worked with Julian Metcalfe, the founder of Pret a Manger, for over 11 years building the UK-based sushi restaurant ITSU from restaurant number one through 30. During this time, he was responsible for Operations, Training & Recruitment, Food, and Brand & Marketing. He had loved LEON as a customer and frequently thought about joining the team. Once the thought became reality, he spent seven years as the LEON Operations Director in London, growing the restaurant count from 10 to over 50 locations in the UK and Europe. When John came to Glenn with the opportunity of leading the LEON US expansion, Glenn couldn’t refuse the opportunity. Although Glenn is British born and bred, he developed a love of the US when he worked on Long Island, NY as a student. Having always wanted to work in hospitality, he studied hotel management and institutional leadership for four years. When not at LEON, or enjoying food, Glenn can be found spinning in a DC studio working on his own wellbeing.

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